Academic Writing

Parallel Practices and the Dialectics of Open Creative Production
(Journal of Design History)

Visual Intelligence: Bridging the Gap from Visual Literacy to Visual Reasoning
Jayme Jacobson and Greg Turner-Rahman
(Global Conference for Visual Literacies)

Farm Fresh: Wholesome Design in Rural Context
Delphine Keim-Campbell and Greg Turner-Rahman
(AIGA - Design Frontiers Conference)

Supporting the Parallel Practice
(First Monday - FM10 Openness: Code, Science and Content)

The Parallel Practice: Open Source Flexibility and the Lure of the Virtual
(iDMA and IMS Conference)

Sharing Styles: New Media, Creative Communities, and the Evidence of an Open Source Design Movement
(in Fibreculture)

The Contested Surface of the Baroque Website
(in Post Identity)

Eye Candy: A Study of Experimental Design Communities and the Dialectical Surface of the Baroque Website

If This is Cyberspace...
(ACSA publication)

Engaging Spaces: Cinematic Codes and the Architecture of Information