Podcasting Television?

In informal discussions with students in my large lecture classes (~350 students) I have been surprised by how many students claim that they DON'T watch television.

Many claim that they have maybe 1 or 2 shows that they may record or watch but the truth of the matter is that DVDs, the internet and video games (even music) have taken chunks of time away from the tube.

It is really interesting how students take little bits of media and, more often than not, literally take it with them.

Although there are a plethora of portable media players (see, the technology still hasn't hit mainstream.

At the risk of venturing into popular techno-fetishism, I think in the next year or two as the technology becomes widely accepted (in rural areas too) we are going to need to continue the project to reconceptualize graphic and interface design.

The media and the technology that support them, I posit, often promote quick and lasting changes that we (as lowly human beings too concerned with the mundane aspects of our lives) are unable to appreciate until it is practically too late. To quickly jump on hte bandwagon smacks of careless abandon and, in the case of education, pandering popular deterministic mythologies. What's a young educator to do?
gregory turner-rahman