Slacker Guilt: Fun Post Freebie

I got so caught up in my own angst-ridden writer's block last Friday that I forgot to post. So here is what I would've posted:

A couple of weeks ago the NY Times ran an article about a visual reconstruction of the dashing young King Tut. Here's an image from National Geographic magazine:

Like any good educator I thought to myself: "How can I use this image to teach deep and meaningful things about our visual culture and our ability to see the (formerly) invisible?!"

Then I thought to myself: "Screw that! I just want to draw some funky hair on that guy!"

So, if you have Photoshop, go to this site and download some funky hair brushes, install them, and have at it.

Here is my latest creation:

Note: For those of you who perhaps noticed a similarity between the boy king's and my own profile all I can offer is this.
gregory turner-rahman