Reasons for the decline of moviegoing

I don't often go out to the movies. Part of the reason is that I have wiggly kids. Also, to take the whole brood means putting my home in escrow (and if we buy treats, it means holding up the bank next to the theater). And in all honesty the experience really isn't that great. At home, we can really take our time, rewind the film, and, most importantly, we can watch foreign films that never, ever come to this dinky town.

Another reason for the sagging moviegoing numbers, I contend, is that we are quickly becoming a production-savvy society. We not only like good stories and captivating imagery but also we also look how the movie is made. All those DVD special features and our own experimentation with dv cameras and sophisticated imagemaking software has made us very picky consumers.

There are a gazillon reasons as to why we hate going to the movies. Here is a rant I found today.

One last idea: maybe when we deck ourselves out in gadgets (Ipods, in particular) and carry so much media around with us, we start to see our lives as movies.


MED. SHOT of GREG as he sits at his laptop. He sighs and sits back looking off into space. He sips his coffee.

C.U. as he stares blankly.

gregory turner-rahman