Dear Future Self...

In the classic Calvin and Hobbes comics there are several moments when Calvin sends notes to his future self. The more academic description comes from Wikipedia:

In a storyline in the daily comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin attempted to create an ontological paradox by travelling two hours into the future to retrieve a story he had to write for homework and did not want to do. He reasoned that by that time it would be done and he could then bring it back to the past and spend the time goofing off instead of working. Of course, the future Calvin didn't have the homework either, having decided two hours previously to time-travel instead of doing it. Calvin eventually ended up fighting with two of his future selves, while Hobbes and his future self wrote a story based on the whole predicament. The story (which was about Hobbes saving the day) received an A+.

I actually done this once in my life (writing to myself) - primarily to see how long it would take to post something in town. But I found it quite interesting writing to my future self. It is sort of like reading a journal or diary years after the fact.

Well, Forbes has a page where you can email yourself or someone in the future. I am thinking of sending myself an email in 1 year. 5 years could be interesting. 20 years is a bit optimistic considering I go through email accounts as frequently as my cat goes through chew toys.

Anyhow, it could be a bit of fun. Delayed gratification.

It could also be a bit heart wrenching especially for those who may send messages then pass away before they are delivered.

Regardless, it might be nice to let your future selves know that you are thinking about them.

(from Boing Boing)
gregory turner-rahman