Rediscovering Our Youth

I must admit something rather silly. I stole the book above from my daughters. In part because it is one of the few books by illustrator Mary Blair but it really has more to do with the sentimental value.

The book was originally mine and I wanted to kids to enjoy it as I had. The illustrations are light and colorful and, to me, seem a perfect visual metaphor for my youth. The book, unlike any other I own, is pure comfort and memory - an warm old blanket, if you will.

I was surprised then to find that many people are sharing illustrations that they remember from their childhood. It is an interesting study to see what influenced people and what they remembered or found valuable now. While some of it may be a celebration of all things retro, I think there is more to it. I think it is the sentimentality and the fact that a lot of the work was really pretty good.

My kids don't get "I Can Fly" and want nothing much to do with it (justifying my petty thievery). It will be fun to see what they hold dear. I wonder if it will be the Harry Potter video games, the Arthur DVDs, or, perhaps, Olivia.

My vote goes for Olivia.

Addendum: I love Drazen's Halloween take on Mary Blair.
gregory turner-rahman