The Eye of the Beholder

The My Heritage site offers a test run of a nifty tool that scans your uploaded photos with a bazillion microderm doubleflux modulators in order to compare your facial features with well-known personalities and celebrities.

I tried it yesterday morning and think it might have been on the fritz because my results (on numerous tries with different photos) came back with the following celebrities:

- Sean Lennon
- Elvis Costello
- Larry King
- Rin Tin Tin

I actually made up that last one (does anyone even know who Rin Tin Tin was anymore?) but it doesn't matter.

My wife supposedly looks like Toni Morrison or Spike Lee. My offspring look like Whitney Houston and David Beckham.

Anyway, it was sort of fun (in a self-deprecating way). For those who want to know, I really look like this:

(from Gizmodo)
gregory turner-rahman