I have officially started summer and have, frankly, had trouble keeping awake. It was, as always, a taxing semester and I am completely spent - emotionally, physically, and mentally. But summer, of course, allows some freedoms and part of my mornings, I hope, can be spent translating ideas into writings, drawings, or whatever.

This summer involves traveling to San Jose, California and then a trip to England in June and part of July. There will be plenty to share, I am sure.

The problem that I had in making new posts last semester seems, in retrospect, to be more existential than, say, time-driven. I have been writing about creative production and, implicitly, the need for everyone to play/explore/express themselves. The trouble I have is that I am at once over- and underwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the volume of what I find and underwhelmed by the inanity of the chatter. It almost doesn't make sense to me anymore.

Why talk if everyone else is speaking at the same time?
gregory turner-rahman