You thought you had a rough day...

I just got back from California and a visit with my Grandmother. One of my jobs was to pack her numerous lawn ornaments (you'll be happy to know that the Frog and the Cow made the journey to Washington safely). While doing so I found a veritable platoon of snails. I couldn't help but watch them in fascination - there were so many.

It is not like snails are exciting. But I couldn't get over how many were just hanging out. So, I did what any PhD would do: I pried them from their locations and set up a giant snail traffic jam so that when they had settled and figured the coast was clear they'd start moving and peak out of their shells only to find they were smack dab in bumper-to-bumper, er, shell-to-shell mega-traffic.

Anyway, here is my homage to those snails still trying to find their way home after my exploits.
gregory turner-rahman