Shout Out: Dennis' Daily Bliss

Dennis Bennett, my most loyal reader (besides my wifey-poo...actually I am convinced you two are my only readers), has a new blog. What Dennis has created is the blog equivalent of licorice allsorts. Chewy politics dipped in little Buddhist sprinkles or surrounded by another chewy layer of smart progressive observations.

I am digging what Dennis has called "Daily Bliss" - small stories to highlight a Buddhist thought or to simply make you think. I spent an hour one day trying to make sense of one story. I sat there staring at my monitor then folded up the laptop and walked away. I guess when it starts to make sense to me, I will have made the journey. (Either that or found the Diamond Sutra Cliff Notes - Har Har Har)

I can't wait 'til Dennis folds baseball into this all.


from the British Library:

"Hidden for centuries in a sealed-up cave in north-west China, this copy of the ‘Diamond Sutra’ is the world’s earliest complete survival of a dated printed book. It was made in AD 868."

"The sutra answers that question for itself. (Greg's comment: Of course!) Towards the end of the sermon, Subhuti asks the Buddha how the sutra should be known. He is told to call it ‘The Diamond of Transcendent Wisdom’ because its teaching will cut like a diamond blade through worldly illusion to illuminate what is real and everlasting."

"The teachings of Buddhism are subtle and open to more than one interpretation. The ‘Diamond Sutra’ urges devotees to cut through the illusions of reality that surround them. Names and concepts given to both concrete and abstract things are merely mental constructs that mask the true, timeless reality lying behind them."

To see the Diamond Sutra in all its illusory glory click here.


I got to thinking. Doesn't some of the Diamond Sutra sound like String Theory?
gregory turner-rahman