The Great Inversion

Dennis's shout out to Olberman highlights a week of rising voices and a political inversion that is becoming apparent. This inversion is something that could've happened earlier if only more people had had the courage to come forward (people in positions of influence) and protest.

My shout out goes to Rocky Anderson, the mayor of Salt Lake City who spoke in direct reference to the administration's spin happening at the American Legion conference in Salt Lake. A portion of the speech is here. For a write up about Rocky Anderson see this article in The Nation.

When the national momentum shifts, the inversion is possible. While it is pretty clear in a meta-reading of recent polls that a majority of those polled are weary of our government, it frustrates me to no end that we've had to wait for this inversion.

I can't decide whether it is a popular course to take and, if so, if we should tone down our celebration of those now dissenting voices. Where, for instance, are the 20 year olds whose lives could be most impacted by our foreign policy and our reckless fiscal practices and the aftermath that they will inherit? Why aren't they on the streets? Or are they quietly dissenting online? Logging in to some progressive myspace to plan the revolution? I doubt it.

The proof will be in the pudding. What will the congress be and how will it act? Will they be the counter balance to the administration? Will the GOP figure some way to tweak the election results in their favor?

And what about Iran? How will that come to play? It seems that there are so many things in play. I am somewhat pessimistic. But then again Olberman's Murrow moment and Mayor Anderson's unabashed progressive populism do ignite hope and, with any luck, we will see the celebrations spread. Come November.
gregory turner-rahman