Design in a Small Town 9: Proximity

(I am in storytelling mode tonight, forgive me)

My father teaches Entomology at the university and his department, which houses an insect museum, shares the building with the Food Science and Human Nutrition department.

Many entomology researchers rear insects in effort to keep live samples to study. Apparently someone had been rearing Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches only to have, escape. Needless to say, they have begun to appear throughout the building. Without invitation, I might add.

There is nothing more that needs to be said. You put two and two together. Food and cockroaches.

What does this have to do with design, you ask? Well, who on earth thought it was a great idea to put the entomologists and the food science people together? This was bound to happen, I suppose.

BONUS: Roach Cam! (from South Carolina)
gregory turner-rahman