How Broadband Changed My Life...

In the past three or four months we've had cable and have become, basically, HGTV zombies. Barring the Daily Show we've found nothing worth watching except the 'your home is ugly and we'll redecorate it'™® channel. We have redecorated everything it seems and the only thing left to do is add window treatments to the cat. So, we've decided it is time to say good bye to our cable.

In its place we've finally installed broadband.

It is not that I hope to replace TV with passive, mind-numbing TV-ish internet entertainment. But the thought did cross my mind. My efforts to see what video is available has turned up this gem: TV4All

It provides links to hundreds of video streams from all over the world. This is a great resource especially for those of you out there that have missed those Belarussian Cooking Programs!

update: hey, european music video channels actually play music videos!
gregory turner-rahman