Driving in Britain

We've been in England for almost a week and have been sticking near Reading as we haven't found the desire to go into London. Next weekend we'll travel to the Isle of Wight (if it's not too dear).

Anyway, just driving around here I've noticed some strange things . First, I saw a sign that said "Queues Likely". It's a bit of an understatement when traffic is stacked up and when there is no traffic what-so-ever it seems a bit too general. I expected to see a sign saying "Cloudy skies possible".

Near Reading is a town called Winnersh. Among British place names this one is not the most exciting but it is remarkably difficult to say. Are you supposed to pronounce it "Winner" and then make the archetypical librarian sound? Or is it pronounced "Winnerish"? I prefer the latter.

"Did I win the race?"
"Well, not exactly, but you were winnerish."

My favorite road sign is this:

It's to warn drivers of speed humps (a possible outcome of speed dating?). But it always strikes me as a body left in the roadway. There is also the "humped zebra crossings" (translation: raised crosswalks/speed bumps). I love the thought that mythical creatures could magically come out of the Tesco supermarket to cross at this point in the road.

I have yet to see a humped zebra.

(Queues Likely photo courtesy of - a funny read in itself)
gregory turner-rahman