Visiting Little Britain

I've been frantically trying to tie up loose ends and prepare for our semi-annual trip to the UK. I am now at that point when I am like a giant emotional candy bar: stressed on the inside blended with a chunky nervousness nougat and a sweet utterly gleeful candy coating.

The in-laws moved out of London to Reading (not pronounced REEDING but instead rhymes with "Sausage"). Reading will be a new adventure (hopefully one less expensive) so I've been doing my research. Already it looks promising. Check out the Wikitravel page. You've got to love a town that has a religious building called St. Mary's butts and church. Second only to St. Peter's coccyx and rectory, I suppose. I will have to do some investigation when I get there.

Usually by the time I get there I am so exhausted that everything seems to deliriously humourous. The fact that you have to pass the exit to Dorking and Leatherhead on the way out of Heathrow doesn't help. But I think it is something more. In fact, the British tend to naturally mock themselves. For proof watch the video below. Anyway, stay tuned to this site for more updates and travel notes.

gregory turner-rahman