Forgive me the Digression

Israel's (and by proxy the U.S.) response to Hizbollah has been horrifying to say the least. I was surprised the mainstream media let Americans fleeing Lebanon report about the insanity of the air raids. While Hizbollah's provocation might have been an act of war it seems the Israeli response is too brutal if not a war crime.

There have been a lot of interesting visual artifacts outside of the usual spectacular images - not to mention that this is the 1st real "blog war" providing gruesome and vivid accounts from the war zone. Of the artifacts take these drawings warning people about the Hizbollah leader Nasrallah. The article calls it "clumsy war propaganda".

More hard-hitting are these illustrations by Mazen Kerbaj. Mazen so skillfully gives us insights into the frustrations, fears, and anger. The drawings, like so much from this whole series of events, are, I am sure, eye opening for many. I say to myself: "Here is a blogger and artist like me but someone made a decision that has inexorably impacted his life in a very real way." Could it happen to me?

Visit Kerbaj's blog for his updates and very real commentary.
gregory turner-rahman