My 6 Keys to Peace in the Middle East

TIME has an article with 6 Keys to peace in the middle east. Without going off on the shortsightedness of the suggestions I decided to promote my own 6 Keys for Peace:

1.) Impeach Bush and Cheney for lying to get us into Iraq

2.) Recall troops from Iraq

3.) Close Guantanamo

4.) Support the Palestinian State to the same degree as Israel (and promote business development and International Peacekeeping forces in Palestine)

5.) Deal with so-called terrorists states in an open and honorable way (it may even require looking at the root causes of terrorism - I bet you'll find plenty of young, openminded, and rational people ready to be part of the global economy)

6.) Get over your racist, bigoted impressions of Arabs and Muslims


7.) Realize the rest of the world doesn't believe this is WWIII and the Second coming and especially don't want America to bring promote more bloodshed in the hopes of bringing both on

If you want to know what really prompted this entry read this article.
gregory turner-rahman